Studio Dumbar - Alzheimer Nederland
Nominated by Ineke Hans:
Studio Dumbar
for Alzheimer Nederland

I nominate Studio Dumbar’s new logo for Alzheimer Nederland: a clear, evocative, striking design. The logo perfectly represents the nature of an illness that erodes clarity, identity and communication.

Alzheimer’s disease is well on the way to becoming one of the top causes of death in the Netherlands. One in five people will develop it, and most will die within seven years. We need research and fundraising to fight this illness. Alzheimer Nederland is an ambitious charitable foundation that seeks to raise public awareness of the disease as well as its own activities. Its old logo lacked recognisability and an emotional quality. Studio Dumbar took a relatively long time devising a new one, staging numerous conversations with the organisation, patients, family members and other involved parties.

Alzheimer’s disease causes sufferers to forget things permanently. This generates confusion and uncertainty. The charity’s new logo, by contrast, is surprisingly clear and confident, and its design reveals the nature of the disease at a glance: it creates “holes” in the memory. These are represented by light spots in the text. When the typography is used in animation, the spots expand to swallow up letters, which are then replaced by new ones. The white spots can also be seen as symbols of light and hope for Alzheimer Nederland.

Local branches of the organisation run 200-plus “Alzheimer’s cafes” around the Netherlands. To publicise these meeting places, the agency designed a poster for use in public locations. The blurring motif is repeated in the typography and overall design of the poster, with no impairment to the accessibility and legibility of information.

In brochures and leaflets, the typography is accompanied by photographic portraits of Alzheimer’s patients looking around them. They may be inward-focused and searching, but they possess dignity. The photographs show the human side of Alzheimer’s. The design is distinct and restrained and manifests attention and care. The typography and images dovetail beautifully, working together to wordlessly communicate the nature of the disease. Studio Dumbar has created a visual identity for Alzheimer Nederland that is highly successful and utterly effective.

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