More than 16.000 people have voted for their favorite design, both in the exhibition and online. Below is a survey of the projects that have ended up in the top 5.

  1. Edenspiekermann, ProRail, STBY and NS Travelers, Dynamic boarding information at train platforms 

    3.662 votes (3.317 votes online & 367 votes at exhibition)

  2. Reframing Studio and Parnassia Group, temstem

    3.524 votes (3.275 votes online & 249 votes at exhibition)

  3. Bas van Abel, Fairphone

    1.614 votes (1.398 votes online & 216 votes at exhibition)

  4. PAL-V Europe NV and Spark design & innovation,  PAL-V

    1.375 votes 1.078 votes online & 297 votes at exhibition

  5. Massoud Hassani, Mine Kafon

    1.266 votes (617 votes online & 649 votes at exhibition)

By realising this public prize, Het Nieuwe Instituut emphasises the importance of a broad public for the entire design field. This public prize appeals to Het Nieuwe Instituut because, unlike other design prizes, it is not based on categories but on the attitude towards design. With three nominations from each of five scouts, the Rotterdam Design Prize offers an up-to-the-minute picture of Dutch design.

You can vote via this website and in the exhibition. The deadline for votes is January 30st, one day before the prize-giving ceremony takes place on Friday January 31st.

AVRO’s Kunstuur will focus on all the nominees for the Rotterdam Design Prize in a series of five programmes, starting at 17 hrs on Saturday 21 December. For the latest information about broadcasting dates and later viewing go to:

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