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Much has happened in the Netherlands since the Rotterdam Design Prize was established in 1993. Dutch design is more vital than ever and is attracting widespread international interest. There are now countless prizes and design events that act as a podium for Dutch products. For this reason the Rotterdam Design Prize’s board of directors decided to shift the focus away from the individual  product towards the designers’ artistic visions. Since the 2007 edition, the prize has been on the lookout for important creative visions that have made a major contribution to the design profession over the previous two years. These contributions must be apparent in one or more related products, objects or projects that clearly stem from a singular artistic vision. Thus the prize now focuses more on the creative ‘position’ of the participants rather than on individual products.

One or more works by each of the selected entrants will be exhibited at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. The exhibition will thus bring together innovators in the field of Dutch design from the previous two years. By combining varied approaches in a single display, the exhibition will reveal both the common ground and the polarities that coexist within current Dutch design. A relevant ‘position’ could be an exemplary client, a specific product in relation to a designer’s oeuvre, a manufacturer who has taken a new direction, an innovative mentality within the design world etc. The selection procedure remains the same. Any designer, studio or company based in the Netherlands may enter. A Dutch selection committee will select between eight and twelve of the submitted entries. The winner will be chosen by an international jury during the exhibition. The prize consists of a sum of €20,000. There are no restrictions on how the prize money may be spent.

The Rotterdam Design Prize was awarded annually from 1993. Since 1997 the prize has been awarded every two years. The previous winners were:

2007 Thonik!
2003 Hella Jongerius
2001 Jop van Bennekom, Erik Wong and the editors of Forum
1999 NL Architects
1997 Waag Society
1996 Bob van Dijk / Studio Dumbar
1995 Jan Erik Baars, Caroline Brouwer and Jan Paul van der Voet / Philips Corporate Design
1994 Diek Zweegman / BRS Premsela Vonk
1993 Roelof Mulder

Look in the archive for more information about previous editions of the prize.

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